Death Angel The Dream Calls For Blood

Death AngelThe Dream Calls For Blood
Some thrashers never die. Case in point: Death Angel, who are on album four of a surprising comeback spree of discs that have an alarming amount of energy and spirit. Opener "Left for Dead" rules, with positively hysterical energy levels and the chorus catchy as can be. Tunes like "Son of the Morning" showcase how absurdly memorable this band now are, demonstrating their many strengths: super-tight rhythm section, killer guitar work and excellent vocals from Mark Osegueda. "Fallen" absolutely shreds, being hooky, catchy and moody, showing the band's unique sense of groove and melody; it's an amazing tune. The title track races fast and anthemic — these opening four tracks are easily some of the best in Death Angel's history. Cut to a bit later on and it's hard to not feel a little exhausted by the time track seven rolls around. However, despite the record going on a bit too long (which has often been a problem for them), The Dream Calls for Blood is a winner, with Death Angel developing over the years, crafting songs that don't betray their thrash roots, but have a greater sense of dynamics. It must be said: that's a cool album name and a very cool (and metal) cover, creating an excellent overall package. (Nuclear Blast)