Death Spiritual Healing

DeathSpiritual Healing
And the Death reissue campaign continues unabated with the classic death metal act's third album (which originally came out in 1990) getting the dual-disc treatment. But for all the rarities topping this off what really counts is the album itself. Like all of Death's discs, it is a milestone that's unique in its own way, full of individuality, punchy production, a good mix of fast and mid-tempo death metal and some lyrics that haven't aged as well as the music (hey, can't win 'em all). Although almost each Death album marked a twist in their musical journey, Spiritual Healing was a significant step towards maturity for the at-the-time young band. The bonus stuff? Well, it's up to you to decide how many different instrumental versions of demo tunes you need to hear (not to mention something called "Primus Jam," which is about as silly as it sounds). Death fans? Yeah, they're going to eat that stuff up, but for the whole real-deal experience, just listen to the album. Like everything Death did, it's worth spending a great deal of time with, and still has charm and appeal most of today's death metal lacks. (Relapse)