Death Individual Thought Patterns

Maximum kudos are due Relapse Records, under the auspices of Chuck Schuldiner's estate, for reissuing Death's back catalogue in remastered and expanded formats. After releasing 1991's ground-breaking Human and 1992's prosaic compilation, Fate (on Relativity), the band hunkered down in Tampa's Morrissound Studios with famed producer Scott Burns to record 1993's Individual Thought Patterns. Schuldiner once again proceeded with a new line-up, hiring King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque and Dark Angel skinsman Gene Hoglan, but retained Sadus/Autopsy bass sensation Steve DiGiorgio, from the Human sessions. The melodic guitar runs in "Nothing Is Everything" would inspire practically every NWOSDM band, while the acoustic intro of "Destiny" would firmly cement Schuldiner's place in the annals of jazz-influenced metal. From the doomy atmosphere in "Out of Touch" to catchy-as-hell single "The Philosopher" (its accompanying video was legendarily panned by Beavis & Butthead), this album was the pinnacle of technical/progressive metal, at the time. Relapse culls an extra disc's worth of excellent live tracks from the band's '93 European tour, with Schuldiner's between-song banter being especially remarkable. A blazing cover of Possessed's "The Exorcist" is included, and a bonus third disc of four-track demos is available only through Relapse mailorder or iTunes. This definitive version of Individual Thought Patterns is absolutely, positively a must for every Death fan. (Relapse)