Dears Overhaul Band, Release New Album

Dears Overhaul Band, Release New Album
After a two-year break, the Dears have finally leaked word of their upcoming new album. On October 21, the Montreal pop outfit will release Missiles, the group’s fourth album proper and the follow-up to 2006's Gang Of Losers. And this time around, the band will look to their new label home, L.A.-based Dangerbird, to handle the record.

Via the Dears’ MySpace blog, vocalist Murray Lightburn recently wrote about Missiles, saying: "We want to bring you this record whole and still warm. It's beautiful; that is the only way to describe it. A blues album, essentially. It's also long and kind of paced for love making, because that really makes everything better. 58 minutes, 16 seconds, 10 songs. One song is over 11 minutes, just like the old days.”

He also discussed the band’s ever-shifting line-up, which now only consists of Lightburn and his wife, keyboardist/singer Natalia Yanchak. "The band line-up as you've known has come to a close and now it's just as it was when we began: Natalia and I, looking after every aspect ourselves,” Lightburn wrote. "Trust us when we say it is for the best. The music, philosophy — the art has been preserved with fervency. The Dears not are but is. In our mind it always has been that way, the sum of parts to create one vision. Or something like that. Personally, we feel fortunate to have a role in the birthing of every tune, in its arrival from the cosmos.”

And while there is no word on any track listing or upcoming tour dates, the Dears have posted a little Missiles teaser on their website. There you can check a stream of the new "soul-crushing classic” (or at least this is how the Dears describe it), "Meltdown in a Major.”

The Dears - "You And I Are A Gang Of Losers”