Dearly Beloved

James St. North, Hamilton ON, September 12

Dearly BelovedJames St. North, Hamilton ON, September 12
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
Before making a trek across the pond for a tour through Europe, Dearly Beloved brought their blend of garage, punk and psych rock to Hamilton for a driving, energetic set. Aided by a precise drummer and guitarist, the duo of Rob Higgins and Niva Chow excelled in creating a sound much larger and denser than one might imagine, with Higgins' work on the low end of things remaining a highlight throughout the show.

Playing bass with a style equally attuned to both prominent melodies and deep grooves, one can see how his playing naturally developed after discovering that his uncle is Geddy Lee. Yet Higgins is still very much his own force to be reckoned with on four strings and vocals, serving as a welcome complement to co-vocalist Chow's sharp shouts and wails. While putting on a very spirited performance of her own, sound issues left her vocals almost inaudible at points.

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