Dear Nora Mountain Rock

Although appreciative of the theory that some of the best songs can be captured in two minutes or less, there still has to be that spark that draws you in. Dear Nora throws 17 songs in just over half and hour, leaving some lo-fi pop ditties to delight in their earnest appeal, and others over before they’ve even begun. Upon the first run-through, the upbeat and catchy highlight "Give Me Some of Yr Love” was a revelation. A simple, yet effective guitar line and lovely harmonies got the legs moving and shaking and then — it stops and ruins the mood like your parents walking in while in flagrante delicto. Even more shock grew in realising that it was track 11, with no recollection of any of the ten tracks before it. Careful listening is the key to enjoyment of Mountain Rock, and the listener who believes beauty lies in those quick, imperfect attempts at music should be delighted. Otherwise, this music is nothing like majestic, hulking mountains, but more like the clouds that hover around them, never staying around for very long, but just long enough to sometimes touch the peak. (Magic Marker)