Dear Frederic "Outlast" (video)

Dear Frederic 'Outlast' (video)
How many rounds could Dear Frederic (a.k.a. Charles F. Huot) withstand in a fight with a serious toughie? That's exactly what we're about to find out in the new video for the title track to the indie pop artist's recent video Outlast EP.

The video finds Huot trying to defend himself in the ring against a greasy pugilist's flurry of haymakers and gut punches, while also tackling his tune in between rounds. Later on, a trip to a more underground fight club finds some strongmen backing him up, while it all caps with a triumphant visit back to a four-cornered battlezone.

Scored by a backdrop of peppy pop rock, you'll find the fist-swingin' footage down below, courtesy of Team Coco.