Dean Blunt Gets Arca, Mica Levi for New LP as Babyfather

Dean Blunt Gets Arca, Mica Levi for New LP as Babyfather
Having recently released a handful of loose tracks and an eight-song mixtape under the name Babyfather, Dean Blunt has announced the next move for his latest pseudonym, which will be a full-length album. 

Titled BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow, the new effort is set to arrive digitally, as well as on CD and LP, through Hyperdub on April 1. The album clocks in at 23 tracks in length, and features appearances from English songwriter Mica Levi (a.k.a. Micachu) and prolific producer Arca.

In typical Dean Blunt fashion, further details are still scarce, but you can read through the record's tracklisting and hear the Arca-assisted "Meditation" in the player below.

BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow:

1. Stealth Intro
2. Greezebloc
3. Meditation (ft. Arca)
4. Escrow
5. Shook
6. Motivation
8. Platinum Cookies
9. Esco Freestyle
10. Stealth
11. God Hour (ft. Mica Levi)
12. N.A.Z
13. Juice
15. Killuminatti
16. Escrow 2
17. Deep (ft. Arca)
18. Escrow 3
19. The Realness
20. Flames
21. Snm (ft. Arca)
22. Stealth Outro
23. Message