Deadly Avenger Deep Red

Known for remixing the likes of Manic Street Preachers, Travis and the Charlatans and his work with Howie B, Deadly Avenger (aka Damon Baxter) has finally unleashed his debut album after years of releasing singles. Deep Red is an action filmmaker’s dream come true. Filled with cinematic cool and dance beats that could give David Holmes a run for his money, Deadly Avenger’s music oozes with the style of George Clooney in a smart suit as a conman who gets the girl in the end. Of course, a film is where this would work best, so listening to a full-length album of such smooth and high-octane soundtracking becomes almost too cerebral for the senses. Lasting over 75 minutes, Deep Red is a marathon of an album that collapses from dehydration less than halfway through. Only two songs manage to finish under five minutes, testing your patience way longer than it can stand. Far too dramatic and lacking the detached thrills of Holmes’ debut This Film’s Crap, Let’s Slash The Seats, Deadly Avenger’s debut falls short and a little flat. Maybe singles were a better idea after all. (Illicit)