Deadline 8/2/82

Guy Picciotto’s Peterbilt imprint rescues the long lost final record by unheralded Washington, DC hardcore quartet Deadline. Notable for containing a young Brendan Canty (Fugazi) on drums, Deadline formed in 1981 and were a ferocious four-piece. Immediately after finishing their second session at Inner Ear Studios under the supervision of Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara in the summer of 1982, Deadline broke up and their last record was shelved. Not a functioning label per se, Peterbilt initially recovered Deadline’s last songs in 1989, exhausting a small run of twelve-inches until this remastered CD release. With 11 songs in 12 minutes, 8/2/82 owes much to bands like S.O.A. and, of course, Minor Threat. "Close Door” features storming vocals by Terry Scanlon and, just as "Anti-Christ” pays homage to Minor Threat song structures, "Authority Figures” taps into the melody of the Clash. 8/2/82 is an excellent punk artefact. (Peterbilt)