Deadbodieseverywhere Duck and Cover

Extreme power violence with an overtly misanthropic slant is what Deadbodieseverywhere are delivering. Duck and Cover is their first full-length release and is relentless in its crust-grind assault - violent, thick and disturbing, both in its sound and message. Members of the dreaded West Bay Coalition (Spazz, Benumb, etc), Deadbodieseverywhere's sound is pure hate sped up to jackhammer proportions, but also mixed with some slower doom passages (think Eyehategod) to give the listener a breather before continuing the auditory pummelling. While many of the songs are almost interchangeable, DBE's misanthropic message shines through during the excess speed, insanity and carnage of songs like "Pest Control," "Chop Shop" and "Karmassacre." (Necropolis)