Deadbeats Deadbeats

From Sweden hail the Deadbeats, who like their older counterparts the Hellacopters also play punk with hard rock and metal influences. There are a lot of similarities to the early Hellacopters style here, not only in song writing and vocal delivery, but also in the actual production. This makes perfect sense, as the record was produced by Tomas Skogsburg who has also worked with the Hellacopters in the past. Songs that sound the most like Supershitty To The Max-era 'Copters are "Shock-Out," "Gonna Be Me" and "Get Your Head Straight." The Deadbeats breakout with a little bit of their own style on the tracks "Bulletboy" and "Superbitch," but generally speaking, this album feels like SuperShitty... recorded in a parallel universe then somehow beamed back to Earth. (Fueled Up)