The Dead Weather Streaming Sea of Cowards Today - on Vinyl

The Dead Weather Streaming <i>Sea of Cowards</i> Today - on Vinyl
Fans dying to hear the Dead Weather's imminent sophomore effort, there's good news. Starting today (April 30) at 1 p.m. EST, the band's official website will begin streaming the album from front to back. Seem a little too digital, a little too commonplace for Jack White? Not the way he's doing it.

Rather than supply fans with the typical digital stream, the vinyl fetishist has instead agreed to stream an ongoing camera feed of a Sea of Cowards vinyl LP playing on an old fashioned-type record player. According to a press release, the event "will feature surprise guest DJs," which we assume means members of the band and others will appear every time the album ends to drop the needle again.

Of course, the band are still playing their live performance of Sea of Cowards on Monday (May 3), as we reported.

Sea of Cowards will drop May 11 here in North America, courtesy of Third Man/Warner Records.