Dead Weather Prep New Single From Upcoming Sea of Cowards LP

Dead Weather Prep New Single From Upcoming <i>Sea of Cowards</i> LP
Last we heard from the ridiculously prolific Jack White, he was busy dropping jams with Jay-Z, but that hasn't stopped him from readying the Dead Weather's sophomore LP. Not so long ago, White claimed the record was nearly complete and that it would be "bluesier and heavier than we ever thought we could be." Now, things are a little more concrete.

The Dead Weather have confirmed on their official website that the album will be called Sea of Cowards, simply saying it will be "coming soon." However, according to [via TwentyFourBit], the album is due May 7 in Ireland, meaning the album may drop this side of the Atlantic on May 11.

The lead single, which was rumoured to be "Blue Blood Blues," has apparently been swapped for "Die by the Drop" which, according to Amazon, will be available digitally on March 23. [UPDATE: According to Rolling Stone, the single is not coming out on this release date, with the band's rep simply saying to expect it soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the teaser artwork available at the band's website here and up above.