Dead to Fall Are You Serious?

Dead to Fall have spent many years as a second-tier metalcore act and are clearly sick and tired of it. Although 2006’s The Phoenix Throne saw them including a pronounced Opeth influence and tightening up their songwriting, this follow-up sees them jettisoning most of what’s expected from them. As the title indicates, they’re making an effort to loosen up a bit and not take themselves seriously, hence the majority of tracks on here are more experimental and pot-addled than punishing or "br00tal.” "The Future” features a prominent Theremin, while track titles such as "Cropgrower” and "Astral Projection/Dream J(ourney)” speak for themselves, to an extent. Granted, the breakdowns and up-tempo galloping are still present, but nearly all Scandinavian influence has been exorcised and replaced with either straight up thrash or longwinded stoner diversions. Dead To Fall have certainly reinvented their music and image, and may lose a handful of fans for it, but they sound more enthusiastic and dynamic than ever, and for once have a record strong enough to justify their marathon touring schedule. (Victory)