Dead Girls Ruin Everything What a Perfect Ending

Lawrence, Kansas has always been something of a musical mystery. It has produced a lot of really amazing bands of the heavy-duty emo variety like Appleseed Cast and the Get Up Kids (thanks, University of Kansas). But DGRE are different. They possess many of the same traits as those emotive rock bands. But where they would play around with dynamics for effect, this quartet is employing good old fashioned vocal harmonies with similar effect. But who are DGRE? Well, they’re not new to the scene. You take two parts Ultimate Fakebook and two parts Podstar and mix them up in the studio with former Descendents/ALL guitarist Stephen Egerton and you get this inspired collision of sound and fury all offset by some of the best vocal harmonies since the Posies offered us the beaters from which to lick frosting. A terrific pop record by any measure. (Reignition)