Dead and Divine Mod Club, Toronto ON August 24

Dead and Divine Mod Club, Toronto ON August 24
A few noses were broken in the mosh pit and the venue was a sauna, but none of that mattered as Dead and Divine played for the last time. The Burlington, ON hardcore outfit called it quits back in April, and since then have been breathing their last breath on their farewell tour. After hitting much of Canada, the band ended it in Toronto, where their fans could unite for one last goodbye.

It was oddly quiet before Dead and Divine started to play, making it very much the calm before the storm. The energy that filled the venue came out in an endless amount of stage dives, crowd surfs and sing-alongs. The crowd was the band's back-up vocalists, especially for songs such as "Like Wolves," "Asphyxia Fiend" and "Creature." A quick break in between songs allowed the Jägerettes to bring shots of Jäger out to the band, leading frontman Matt Tobin to toast the crowd.

Dead and Divine played a wide array of songs from each of their albums, but by the time the band played "Josephine, the Singer," they walked off stage as if that was the end of the show. With the crowd screaming for more, Dead and Divine had no other option but to perform one more song.

They ended the night with the highly anticipated "Goodnight, Quiet City." The song was appropriate for the end, as the crowd sang aloud "We'll make history, tonight." Tobin was in tears during their last song and looked to the crowd to help him out with the lyrics. It was an emotional ending for the band, and the audience.

There was little doubt Dead and Divine left on a high note.