Dead Child "Sweet Chariot"

Dead Child 'Sweet Chariot'
In a 2005 interview with Billboard, David Pajo (Slint, Papa M, Tortoise, Zwan, etc.) gave details on his "jokingly” named metal band Dead Child, saying "My concept for this band was that we'd all play baritone guitars that would be tuned really low. I didn't want it to be indie-rock metal — I wanted it to be 'death to false metal' metal!’" It’s a quote that seems to have stuck with the band, like a creed, in their bid to indulge in old school power metal, filled with all the trimmings: Dio-esque operatics palm-muted riffage, solos that soar higher than eagles, and morbid fantasies stirring the lyrics.

Debut album Attack is set for an April 8 release, and it hits all the nails on the head, as Pajo and Michael McMahan (The For Carnation, Slint reunion) become hypnotised in their thrashing, weaving scale-crawling guitar licks together while vocalist Dahm (Phantom Family Halo, Brothers of Conquest) screams like they used to back when just about every NWOBHM act was shifting millions. "Sweet Chariot” is the album’s lead track/single, and it comes out of the gates at a break-neck pace, spewing fire with a chorus of "Swing low!” that completes the titular nod to the gospel standard. Considering this is true metal, the homage tastes a bit like sacrilege, but I’m sure their Lord Satan will appreciate the effort.

Dead Child "Sweet Chariot”