The Dead Bodies Mr. Spookhouse's Pink House

Drugs and music have an interesting relationship, one that fails more often than not. In the Dead Bodies’ situation, we seem to have a triumph on our hands. If dead bodies could actually compose music, it probably wouldn’t sound too different from this jammy, acid-rock spook fest, but assuming both of the members are alive, we have energetic music that breathes like any fucked up person with an artistic mind. It dances like any innocent little girl ballerina in a tutu ("Transition: Spider Vision”), frolics like an imaginary fairy in the forest ("An Afternoon”) and crashes like a sonic emotional breakdown ("Welcome to Town”). Largely electronic and rock-tinged, the music is consistently ambient and eclectic. Pink Floyd and David Bowie activists alike will latch on to this endearing Detroit couple’s first official release. Their biography claims the Detroit CD-R subculture has been trading these tunes for months, so it’s about time the rest of North America got in on the action. Perhaps finding such unquestionably unique tunes on a CD-R would have made it even more authentic, but packaged with eight additional tracks from their hefty stockpile, the official release doesn’t quite conceal the fact that these cats are home-grown and entirely worth your time, sober or not.

(Quite Scientific, (Quite Scientific)