DD/MM/YYYY Thrown in Jail After Pillow Fight

DD/MM/YYYY Thrown in Jail After Pillow Fight
If you thought Toronto-based noise rock outfit DD/MM/YYYY were already pretty weird, just wait until you read the following post from member Tomas Del Balso about what went down on the band's current tour in support of their latest album Black Square.

Apparently the incident happened between Orlando, FL and Baton Rouge, LA on October 4/5 and there's really not much we can say about it other than: pillow fights, cops, weird notes and 3 Doors Down.

Del Balso states:

Last night we had a night off in Biloxi and stayed at the hard rock casino with these arms are snakes. after the casino gave us tons of free booze & kicked us out, we went back to our room and had a pillow fight that ended up making the casino hotel people to tell us to leave the premises. after leaving, Mike drunkenly went back to the hotel trying to get Tomas' backpack which was left behind,......the hotel clerk gave him the key and everything but he couldn't find it...afterwards the hotel casino guy saw mike again and called the cops again. Mike left the area to a parking lot to let off steam but was picked up by police and handcuffed. I (Tomas) thought mike was at the McDonald's so I went there and smoked a cigarette. 4 cop cars then roll up to the McDonald's and arrested me too. Mike and I were brought to the Biloxi police station and they told us this charge was a misdemeanour and that would not affect our travelling to and from the states....thankfully....so we got put into a holding cell at 5 A.M. after getting our pockets emptied and my love necklace for my girlfriend cut off.

The really shitty problem was that we could not reach any one to post our bail of 500 dollars total....

We tried calling the hotel to reach the other band but no avail....the cops told us that if we could not reach any one by around 12 o'clock noon we would be brought to the Mississippi county prison where we would be able to contact our embassy....!!

Mike (Claxton) was freaking out and I stood there telling him to calm down and shut up. I stared at the prison wall for about 5 hours until my eyes where blurry and the details of other past prisoners feet and wall scratches were shifting and fuzzing.

Long story short this other prisoner was brought into our cell. A huge dude named Bobby sat there in jogging pants and a dirty shirt. He turned out to be a really funny and interesting guy. he said he was getting out sooner than us and would find our band mates and tell them where we were.

So he found our van, wrote a crazy letter and left it on our windshield until Jordan and Moshe woke up and found it. they got to the jail around 11. so we didn't go to county jail but we were happy to be free and back on track even though we feel shitty cause we had no sleep.

On another note we met the guitar player from 3 Doors Down who was showing us his motorcycles that the casino bought from him! he was a strange fellow to meet.

Um, yeah, we're kind of speechless here. Ask DD/MM/YYYY all about it when they hit your town over the next month.

Tour dates:

10/18 Vancouver, BC - Media Club
10/20 Salmo, BC - Salmo Youth Centre
10/22 Calgary, AB - Broken City
10/23 Edmonton, AB - New City
10/24 Winnipeg, MB - Mondragon Cafe
11/4 Toronto, ON - Great Hall
11/20 Montreal, QC - M For Montreal