The DC Show Bizarremageddon!

Consisting of four often funny, sometimes serious dudes — MC Mossberg, Smixx, GQ and King Dylan (who is the backbone of the group, acting as rapper, producer, sound engineer, sole instrument player and publicist) — Calgary rap group the DC Show have on their second album comprised a lengthy 18-track release that never repeats itself. Each song is conceptualised, which sometimes makes for unequal teamwork. From verse-to-verse, it sometimes feels like one or two of the four quickly scratched 16 bars to fit the song’s criteria. Individually, they all get their chance to shine on tracks like the feisty "Walk & Bounce,” the honestly human "Addicted,” the poli-economical "Business As Usual” and the love-induced "Just Breathe.” With many surprisingly well-sung choruses, songs from Bizarremageddon! can be catchy, but the density of the project makes many of them forgettable. (Piece Out)