Dbridge Move Way

DbridgeMove Way
dBridge is a legend in the world of drum & bass, his career stretching back to the '90s with the group Bad Company, alongside producers Fresh, Vegas and Maldini. Done with pioneering, dBridge now explores the links between drum & bass and the wider electronic music spectrum. Taking influences from the broader worlds of techno and bass music, all while retaining the master tempo of 170-bpm, the syncopation is the fascinating thing here. Take the title track, which layers half-tempo rhythms over sporadic percussion stabs and minor chord synths, à la dubstep; DBridge has bridged the gap, removing the tempo shackles from drum & bass and steering it in eerie, strange new directions. Other highlights include synth-pop curveball "Plain to See," which shifts the vibe from menacing to otherworldly in the click of a hi-hat. Providing a counterpoint to the dark rumble of the remainder of the release, dBridge has crafted a record that traverses the emotional spectrum in its three tracks better than any other drum & bass release has in the last few years. (R&S)