A Days Refrain/Neil Perry A Days Refrain/Neil Perry

Robotic Empire’s attack of the split three-inch mini-CDs continues unabated with this little buzz saw from A Days Refrain and Neil Perry. Each artist is given three brief tracks to unleash their unhinged dementia on, with both acts utilising spastic power-violence style insanity, shattered, "I’ve fucking lost it” vocals, clean singing, indie-ish acoustic segues, manic screamo-ish hardcore and emo-ish moments of grief. Not much separating the two musically on this potent little disc, ploughing similar ground and incorporating comparable elements, but Neil Perry seems to go more for metal chug and A Days Refrain are a little more spastic and, strangely, emo. Still, a wicked little split with nice artwork that is all the more damaging because of its brevity. (Robotic Empire)