Daybreakers, Edge of Darkness and Tokyo Sonata Lead Us into This Week's DVD Review Round-Up

<i>Daybreakers</i>, <i>Edge of Darkness</i> and <i>Tokyo Sonata</i> Lead Us into This Week's DVD Review Round-Up
It's that time of the week again to check out our DVD releases, so you know which flicks to check out and which to avoid. Just head to our Recently Reviewed motion section to see what's in store.

We are going to start off with the two movies we think deserve the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence. The first is Daybreakers on Blu-ray. The vampire horror thriller stars Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill, and tells the story of a plague that has turned almost all humans into vampires. Edge of Darkness comes as our other highly recommended pick, which is about a detective who, while investigating the death of his activist daughter, discovers she lived a secret life.

If you're looking for something for the family, check out the review for The Spy Next Door, which stars Jacky Chan as a former CIA spy who has to take on the task of looking after his girlfriend's three kids. And Kiyoshi Kurosawa has branched out and directed the film Tokyo Sonata. It looks into the life of a family in Japan and what happens when the father loses his job.

British comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers is up next on our list, as well as The Decent: Part 2.

Lastly, we have reviews of Nine, directed by Rob Marshall, and Saving Private Ryan, which has now made its way onto Blu-ray.

Find reviews of all of these DVD reviews and more by consulting the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section.