Day of Mourning/Red Sky A Move Towards Ascension ~ Forsaking Redemption

As the split CD gains popularity, it isn’t that surprising to see more and more like minded, but musically different, bands employing this format. Day of Mourning opens A Move… with a more death metal-inspired track entitled, “Enemy of Angels.” While still loosely rooted in metallic/hardcore, the move towards a more extreme death metal slant suits them. “Pray For the Eclipse” is a more hardcore-oriented affair, save the vocals and blastbeats, while their cover of Agnostic Front’s “The Eliminator” is done in typical Day of Mourning fashion, becoming heavier, yet recognisable it its attack. Red Sky follow with two originals and one cover, “Forever Staring At The Sun” and “Life” are straight-up death metal numbers, with dual vocals, one high, one low and an adequate amount of proficiency, not strikingly original, but competent. Their biggest surprise comes with their choice of covers, “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” by Faith No More, a strange choice, but one they manage not to embarrass themselves with. (13th Day)