Day of Mourning Your Future’s End

Day of Mourning’s latest release, Your Future’s End, continues their ongoing metamorphosis from their post-Dirge days to one of Canada’s most powerful hardcore bands. Continuing in the same vein of their Reborn as the Enemy full-length, Future’s End sees Day of Mourning’s brand of death metal and hardcore refined into more denser, darker, emotional blasts of fury, while retaining a scream-along quality has helped establish a ravenous following. Think a more damaging Integrity, crossed with the occasional Coalesce part and a mountain of grind/death riffs, topped with a more trade-off oriented vocal approach, some samples and ambient parts, and Your Future’s End begins to take shape. “Demons Who Wear the Same Face” is vicious and contains an appearance from Integrity’s Dwid, who adds some shouting and electronics. While Day of Mourning’s sound is less about innovation than it is about confrontation, the conviction and emotion they convey is a welcome relief. (Sounds of Revolution)