Dawn of Tears Dark Chamber Litanies

The last few years have not been kind to Spanish quintet Dawn of Tears, but despite numerous lineup changes and the sudden death of their producer, they decided to release the Dark Chamber Litanies EP in anticipation of their full-length follow up to 2007's Descent, due later this year. This might turn out to be a good thing because the band could use some constructive criticism before releasing anything else. "Winds of Despair" clearly shows that they have a good foundation, as J. Alonzo's vocals are exceptional, and they have successfully incorporated the perquisite melodic death metal ingredients – strings, keyboards and female backing vocalist. But the 'punch' is missing. The guitar solo, especially on "Mr. Jarrod" is strong but the riffs and repetitive drumming style are forgettable. One shouldn't think 'Children of Bodom' 10 seconds after listening to opener, "Cadent Beating." If they have it, the band's unique personality needs to shine a bit more. (Unsigned / Lugga Music)