David Starfire Bollyhood Bass

Delivering a heavy dose of bass to the pan-ethnic electronica scene, DJ David Starfire's first full-length album, Bollyhood Bass, seamlessly blends classical Indian music with neo-bhangra, hip-hop, dubstep and dance influences. Best known in the blogosphere for remixes of the Smiths and his 2007 EP, Bombay Beatz, Starfire showcases his talent for musical composition on the disc's 14 original tracks. Opener "Sitarfire" starts with a soothing Indian flute, which is interrupted by spouting Balkan horns when a bass drops and accompanies a trembling sitar for the rest of the song. While the entire album has a consistent bass presence, it's on "Load" where Starfire gets crafty, using dubstep influences and switching bass pitch drops to create a bouncing effect. Adding a danceable groove, L.A. rapper iCatching delivers a rough, feminine flow over neo-bhangra beats on "The Beat." And with a nod to Starfire's love of pop music, the album's last track is a downtempo cover of the Beatles' "Hey Jude," featuring sweet vocals from California's Lynx. (Six Degrees)