David Shea Tryptich

Tryptich is three breathtaking compositions of sampled instrumental arrangements that are electronically sequenced. The results are three pieces based upon stories that range from ancient Hindu poetry to a short film to ancient historical text. Track one, "Sita's Walk of Fire," is based upon the epic Ramayana, and shifts its mood in order to accommodate the various parts of the poem. Percussion, flutes, voices and East Indian instrumentation make up this sweeping imaginary journey. "One Ride Pony," a soundtrack to a film by Alex Vermeulen, sounds melodramatic at first but then a chorus of percussion and sequenced rhythms form a highly danceable apex. "Satyricon 2000," based upon a text by Petronius, opens with a more brooding and contemplative sound than the previous two tracks but develops into something very much like an old school techno track. Mind you, I cannot help but feel these above mentioned comments are understated, since these pieces are very epic, with all the fluctuations and complexities that come with it. For my money, I'd call Tryptich avant-orchestral music. (Quartermass)