David Ryshpan & Gitanjali Jain Serrano


David Ryshpan & Gitanjali Jain SerranoAlicuanta
Alicuanta is powerful. Across this cosmos of 13 tracks, vocalist Gitanjali Jain Serrano and pianist David Ryshpan take a trip through the artistry of Serrano's Mexican ancestors. Serrano brings a lush veracity to the overall Spanish-language proceedings, while Montreal-based Ryshpan provides a steady and unhurried presence on keys. The 19th century texts of Serrano's poet ancestor illuminate the cultural, political and social upheaval of 1920s Mexico, and Alicuanta brings these truths to life with a fearless verve.
Though it's a short interlude, the smooth strings of "Los veleros" hit the mark, while the assured simplicity of "Cancion mia" and the robustness of "La loquita front al mar" showcase a welcome vibrancy and prove the overall exercise is a worthy one. Simply put, Alicuanta stays with you. (Independent)
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