David Poe Love Is Red

Am not too familiar with the first two albums from this NYC-based singer/songwriter (1997’s David Poe and 2002’s Late Album), but this third effort can be recommended unreservedly. It’s actually a live album featuring the best of his earlier material alongside some new compositions. No crowd noise is included, but the live ambience adds intimacy to the sound. The concert took place at a bunker in Berlin, but the results aren’t as bleak as that may indicate. Poe’s pleasing voice does have a decidedly melancholy tinge to it, and at different times it suggests a mellow Kurt Cobain (as on "Settlement”) or Chris Isaak. The laidback and sparse mood is also akin to that evoked by the likes of Hayden, Howie Beck or Nick Drake. His bassist and drummer never break a sweat, and the result is a charmingly haunting work that will seduce a little more with every spin. Love Is Red will be a perfect accompaniment to upcoming wintry nights. Pair with a well-aged Shiraz. (Fuel 2000)