David Mead Wherever You Are

Being signed to a major record label isn’t the blessing it once was — just ask David Mead. Just when he was poised to breakthrough thanks to his third album, Wherever You Are, a corporate merger meant he ended up saying his goodbyes to RCA and the record was left on the shelf. It looked like it was going to remain one of those forgotten recordings that slip through the cracks but luckily he regained control of those lost songs and this EP represents the highlights of that missing album — his love letter to the city of New York. It is a glossier affair than last year’s understated Indiana, thanks to the production of Stephen Hague who has made his name by working with New Order and Pet Shop Boys. Fortunately the production doesn’t completely overshadow Mead’s organic songs and see him in territory familiar to Ron Sexsmith. Making Wherever You Are an EP rather than a full-length album seems to have been a good idea because there is no filler here — Mead himself admits that some of the discarded moments were best left forgotten. Instead, these six songs are very pleasant pop that he should be glad were not left in limbo. (Eleven Thirty)