David Lynch Reveals 'Crazy Clown Time' LP, Gets Karen O to Guest

David Lynch Reveals 'Crazy Clown Time' LP, Gets Karen O to Guest
Way back in November, film auteur David Lynchrevealed some electro-minded solo singles, along with plans to release an album sometime in the future. Well, the future is now, as the director has officially dropped the details on his upcoming full-length.

Depending on your stance on fright-wigged children's performers, the album's title, Crazy Clown Time, could suggest either something funny and pleasant, or altogether terrifying, uncomfortable and, well, Lynchian. The album was written, produced and performed by Lynch with a little help from sound engineer Dean Hurley, who also contributes guitar and drums to some tracks. Also stopping by is Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O, who provides guest vocals on leadoff track "Pinky's Dream."

No new songs have leaked quite yet, so we'll have to do with a vid of the previously released album track "Good Day Today," but you can check the rest of the tracklist below.

Crazy Clown Time comes out November 8 via Sunday Best Recordings/PIAS America.

Crazy Clown Time:

1. "Pinky's Dream"

2. "Good Day Today"

3. "So Glad"

4. "Noah's Ark"

5. "Football Game"

6. "I Know"

7. "Strange and Unproductive Thinking"

8. "The Night Bell With Lightning"

9. "Stone's Gone Up"

10. "Crazy Clown Time"

11. "These Are My Friends"

12. "Speed Roadster"

13. "Movin' On"

14. "She Rise Up"