David Lynch "I'm Waiting Here" (ft. Lykke Li) (video)

David Lynch 'I'm Waiting Here' (ft. Lykke Li) (video)
Our first taste David Lynch's The Big Dream isn't a actually proper album cut, since "I'm Waiting Here" is listed as a bonus track. In any case, that previously unveiled song, which features Lykke Li, has now received its own music video.

Although Lynch is most famous for his directorial work, he doesn't appear to have had much to do with the song's clip, since it was conceptualized by Lykke Li and artist Daniel Desure, and edited by Jesse Fleming and Sadie Strangio. It is a fittingly peaceful accompaniment for this atmospheric, guitar-driven electro-waltz. It's made up of highway footage filmed from the front of a car driving through a barren desert landscape. The sun eventually sets and the final part of the video is in the dark. There's not much to it, but it's undeniably effective.

The Big Dream is out on July 16 through Sacred Bones.