David Kristian Music From The Mermaid Room

Techno in the truest, purest sense of the word, not IDM, not tech-house but pure robot music and superb. David Kristian is one of the more prolific yet adventurous electronic producers in Canada. This time, Kristian has chosen electro-dance styles to vent his latest creative impulses. Every tune is well crafted with catchy melodic hooks. The closest analogies that come to mind would be Solvent and Lowfish, only Kristian tends to the darker end of the spectrum. If the Suction Records people are Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan, then Kristian is Darth Vader, only slicker. Something of an interesting note on Music From The Mermaid Room, close listens may reveal that the overall mix may sound a bit flat in terms of timbre, giving the sounds a deceptively dated feel. This detail however gives the producer his signature style. That being said, each tune here is a masterful example of dark robot music with masterful drum programming and exemplary imaginative keyboard lines. How Kristian manages to be prolific and deliver high quality music is something of a mystery. (Wikkid)