David Gilmour Recruited Choir of Ex-Prisoners for 'Rattle That Lock'

David Gilmour Recruited Choir of Ex-Prisoners for 'Rattle That Lock'
Pink Floyd's David Gilmour recently released his new single "Rattle That Lock," and now it has been revealed that the song features a choir of backup vocalists who truly know what it's like to "rattle that lock." The singing ensemble is made up of former prison inmates.

The vocalists come from the Liberty Choir, which is a project in which choir members visit Wandsworth Prison in London to sing with inmates. The program also runs outside of jail, where ex-offenders are welcome to join. This cause is close to Gilmour's heart, since his son Charlie spent four months in Wandsworth Prison in 2011 after being convicted of violent disorder due to his role in a protest over tuition fees.

Gilmour told the BBC, "Charlie's experience was something that has impacted on us and has made us more aware of the prison system and what could and should be done to improve it. We're just helping out by being part of this initiative, which will hopefully spread." He and his wife Polly have donated money to the Liberty Choir, and they have visited Wandsworth to take part in a singing session.

Gilmour noted that, despite the prison connection, "Rattle That Lock" doesn't have anything to do with literal locks. He said, "It's just something to encourage people to step out and stand up for themselves and not be apathetic."

"Rattle That Lock" is the title track of the Pink Floyd guitarist's new album, which will be out on September 18 through Sony Music. See his tour schedule here.