David Dondero Shooting At the Sun With A Water Gun

Perpetual wanderer David Dondero is revamping the lost art of the troubadour, the quiet guy at the end of the bar who, when he overhears someone say "If it wasn't for the weed and the liquor, I never would have made it through the winter" and turns it into a song, as he does on the fabulous "The Real Tina Turner." By merging the songwriting chops of Townes Van Zandt, the desert dry wit of Jonathan Richman, and the twisted, dreamy, self-reflexive visions of Eels front-man E, Dondero has created a fabulous album for the lonely, the broken-hearted, or those merely familiar with the terrain (read: everyone else). By virtue of its portability, most of these songs spring forth from acoustic guitar, lending the album a country-rock feel, but this is country like Springsteen - accessible, rootlessly American, and able to win over a punk crowd in NYC as easily as a honky-tonk in New Mexico. A perfect album for those who think of Ryan Adams as a snotty sell-out. (Future Farmer)