David Crowell Ensemble Spectrum

David Crowell EnsembleSpectrum
David Crowell is an active neo-classical composer who infuses his work with jazz-like arrangements and improvised, ambient textures. A member of the Philip Glass Ensemble since 2007, Crowell is also inspired by minimalism and repetition; Spectrum demonstrates this unique take on modern composition. The gorgeous "Point Reyes" features six layered alto-saxophone passages careening across the atmosphere. Tracks like "Happy Nightmare" and the two-part "Nectar of Life" suite find the entire ensemble at their most energetic, frantically rocking out. Guitarist Grey Mcmurray adds ghostly swathes of drone to almost every track, especially full-on improvisations "Long Goodbye" and "Looking Deeply." The unique combination of influences almost places Spectrum in post-rock territory. Crowell's singular vision transcends genre; no amount of hyphens can pin him down. (Innova)