David Celia This Isn't Here

Toronto’s David Celia is a beautiful songwriter and This Isn’t Here is simply a joy — a thoughtfully crafted pop/folk record that is timeless. Celia’s voice is forceful with a rootsy lilt and he crafts infectious songs with the gusto of early Matthew Sweet. "Evidently True” encapsulates his playful spirit while "Best Thing Ever” exhibits his charming earnestness. There’s a weightiness to Celia’s writing as well, blending the personal with abstract political commentary. There are empowering aspects to songs like "Infinity,” which Celia renders like a seasoned troubadour. "Speak to Me” reveals Celia’s tender side, which he displays unapologetically. Similarly, "She’s a Waterfall” possesses a refreshing heart-on-his-sleeve openness that is endearing rather than hokey, and "NYC” contains some imaginative, ear-catching phrasing and harmonies. David Celia is an appealingly mature popsmith and This Isn’t Here is evidence enough that he is a bright new force in Canadian songwriting. (Experience/Universal)