David Celia Organica

Organica can't decide what it wants to be - Raffi or the Allman Bros. This schizophrenic release will woo ears with its inspired Southern rock moments but more than likely will have a very different type, and age, of fan for the rest of the album. Songs like the instrumental "The Wind" have enough classic licks, à la Dicky Betts' guitar, and Hammond organ to prove Celia could be an extremely convincing, and maybe successful, jam-rock band. But it's the Sesame Street material that coagulates the flow. Tracks like "Dante," a lyrically inept ode to a canine that includes painfully cornball lines like, "You dropped a log on the neighbour's front lawn again," could really stand some pesticide to put them out of their misery. Let's hope that next time Celia can leave the goofy children's hour to the Barenaked Ladies and stick to the classic rock. (Independent)