David Bowie's Unreleased Toy Album Leaks Online

David Bowie's Unreleased <i>Toy</i> Album Leaks Online
Good news for file-sharing David Bowie fans. A new leak has surfaced on the Internet collecting the iconic English singer's aborted 2001 album, Toy. A high-quality rip of the 14-song set was loosed upon the Internet on Sunday (March 20), no doubt stoking several fans of the Diamond Dog. Bowie has yet to comment, so we're not sure how he feels about the matter quite yet.

Shelved in the early aughts due to a dispute with then-label Virgin, Toy features a number of re-recorded and re-envisioned cuts from the singer's past. Two cuts, "Uncle Floyd" (later retitled "Slip Away") and "Afraid," made their way onto his 2002 Heathen album, while another three songs ("Baby Loves That Way," "Shadow Man" and "You've Got A Habit of Leaving") were issued as B-sides. Up until now though, the album hadn't been presented as a whole.

It's unknown how the material leaked, or if Bowie will ever issue the set proper. But a torrent search should lead you to Toy.

What we can tell you, however, is that last week's announcement of a re-released birthday celebration on CD and DVD has been dubbed a bootleg, as we initially reported. So we're guessing Bowie is not too happy about that one.


1. "Uncle Floyd"

2. "Afraid"

3. "Baby Loves That Way"

4. "I Dig Everything"

5. "Conversation Piece"

6. "Let Me Sleep Beside You"

7. "Toy (Your Turn To Drive)"

8. "Hole In The Ground"

9. "Shadow Man"

10. "In The Heat Of The Morning"

11. "You've Got a Habit Of Leaving"

12. "Silly Boy Blue"

13. "Liza Jane"

14. "The London Boys"