David Bowie Treats "Young Americans" Single to 40th Anniversary Picture Disc

David Bowie Treats "Young Americans" Single to 40th Anniversary Picture Disc
David Bowie has been rolling out a series of 40th anniversary edition singles on 7-inch picture discs, and the latest of these is for his 1975 classic "Young Americans."

The picture disc will be out on through Parlophone on February 23, which is 40 years and two days since it first came out in the UK. This record runs at 33 1/3 rpm (rather than the standard 45 that most singles play at), and it features a 2007 mix by Tony Visconti that has never appeared on vinyl before.

There's also a string-assisted version of "It's Gonna Be Me" on the flip-side. This AA-side track was an album outtake that has appeared on reissues over the years; as with the A-side, this particular version has never been pressed on vinyl.

The A-side features a black and white image by photographer Tom Kelley. It's from the same photo shoot that produced the cover image from the 1976 comp Changesonebowie and the "Suffragette City" single from that same year. This image previously appeared on the Italian version of the single "Fame."

The AA-side photo was shot by Steve Schapiro, who said in a statement:

I think Bowie is very smart and I think he has a great sense of images and in coming up with new kinds of images. The first session I did with him started at four in the afternoon and ended at four the next morning when I did that picture of him on the motorcycle, and we used the headlights of a car to light it. He would constantly come up with new costumes and I would pick up my camera to photograph him and it would be an incredible outfit, but he would stop me and say, 'Wait a minute, I need to fix something,' and he would go to the dressing room and come back 20 minutes later in something totally different. Fortunately, there would be a lot of things he would try on, so we would get a lot of pictures.

There's no word as to whether Bowie has any 40th anniversary plans for the entire Young Americans album.