David Bowie "Atomica" / "The Informer" / "Like a Rocket Man" / "Born in a UFO"

David Bowie 'Atomica' / 'The Informer' / 'Like a Rocket Man' / 'Born in a UFO'
After he teased us with a clip from his upcoming "Atomica" video, four songs from the upcoming expanded version of David Bowie's The Next Day album have surfaced.

"Atomica" is a mid-tempo stomper with handclaps and rockin' guitars, while "The Informer" is a classic Bowie crooner, muscled up with some fuzz bass. "Like a Rocket Man" is another vintage-sounding Bowie track, while "Born in a UFO" combines crunchy guitars with an omnipresent organ.

Check out all four new Bowie songs below. The Next Day Extra drops November 5 through Columbia and features the original LP, a 10-track bonus disc and a DVD.