David Bazan Looks to Fans to Help Fund New Solo Album

David Bazan Looks to Fans to Help Fund New Solo Album
Since releasing his first post-Pedro the Lion long-player, Curse Your Branches in 2009, David Bazan has done multiple laps around North America to support his family. In fact, the album would have been finished and released years earlier if Bazan didn't need to tour so much. To ensure that doesn't happen with his sophomore effort, he's asking fans to help out with the cost of recording his next album, Strange Negotiations.

 As explained on Bazan's official website:

David is making a new album right now! The songs are all there, recording is underway! We are shooting for a Spring 2011 release. Barsuk gave him dough to pay for dudes to play on the record and some gear upgrades to make it sound great. But in order to focus his full attention on recording (so he doesn't take three years like he did with Curse Your Branches) we need to keep him at home as much as possible until he's finished recording the album. That's a little tricky because a significant part of his income comes from touring.

The plan Bazan and co. have hatched is similar to that of fundraising sites like Kickstarter. Fans who donate $35 will receive a limited "I Helped Bazan Make a Record" T-shirt, their name in the album's liner notes, a pre-order of the Strange Negotiations CD and a $5 discount on any merchandise at a David Bazan show. For $40, it's the same deal, but with the vinyl of the album instead of the CD.

 The fundraising for Strange Negotiations will be open until December 1. Shirts and merch coupons will ship on December 10, and the album's shipping info will be available once the recording is complete. More information can be found here.