Dave Tough Lost Things

As one of the finest country songwriters around, occasional Silver Heart Dave Tough has been holed up in Peterborough, ON for too long. Though he hasn’t announced any plans to leave the city, the emergence of his long-awaited, much mythologised debut record is a small step towards the national spotlight Tough deserves. Lost Things began as an anomalous Guelph, country rock record in the late ’90s with Jim Guthrie involved in the post-production process in 2000. Tough’s fragile croak and musical acumen were a secret among friends who also whispered about his clever turn-of-phrase, which eventually found more people via his memorable contributions to the Silver Hearts. Lost Things is tentative ("We Came Here Today”), delicate ("That One Little Lost Thing”), and its raw emotion ("Why Do You Live There?”) can be jarring. Still, Tough’s wise sensibility is present here on songs like "We Came Here Today…” and "If You Have to Go,” revealing an authoritative young contributor to Canada’s folk community. (Independent)