Dave Sitek "Shoop Lion" (Salt-n-Pepa Remix)

Dave Sitek 'Shoop Lion' (Salt-n-Pepa Remix)
If you haven't heard by now, Snoop Dogg has rechristened himself Snoop Lion for an upcoming reggae album. Whether the name change will pay off in the end remains to be seen, but at least TV on the Radio soundsmith Dave Sitek has got a good pun out of the whole thing. Playing up Snoop's recent revelation, Sitek has whipped up a dub-style remix of rap icons Salt-n-Pepa's 1993 single "Shoop" called "Shoop Lion."

Sitek brings us into a ganja smokescreen via a mellow backbeat and upstroke guitar plinks before dropping those sexy verses atop the whole thing. There may not be a shotgun bang, but there are a ton of wobbly space laser sounds on this, uh, thang.

You can give it a listen while fantasizing about a "yum-yum chocolate chip, honey dip" in the widget down below.