Dave Hause Resolutions

To call Dave Hause's Resolutions a solo album is a little misleading. While it may be just his name on the cover, the album features full instrumentation, separating him from a number of other punk singers who have been making solo ventures lately. Resolutions sounds like a better executed take on full-time band the Loved Ones' 2008 album, Build & Burn, which had a heavy Americana theme. With this album, Hause full realizes the sound they hinted at three years ago and does the style justice as a result. Resolutions opens up with the sombre, piano-driven "Time Will Tell." This theme dominates, though a few songs, such as "Pray for Tucson" and "Heavy Heart," take a more stripped-down, acoustic approach. While the acoustic numbers are a good fit, it's the mid-tempo numbers, like aforementioned opener "C'mon Kid," "Resolutions" and "Meet Me at the Lanes," which provide the album with its best moments. (Paper+Plastick)