Dave Grohl Is Working with Butch Vig on Secret New Project

Dave Grohl Is Working with Butch Vig on Secret New Project
Having produced Nirvana's Nevermind and both the Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways and Wasting Light, Butch Vig has certainly produced more hits than misses for Dave Grohl. Now, the producer has revealed he and Grohl are working together once again.

Speaking with AAP, Vig revealed that he is working on "a bunch of things. Some new Garbage music, a collaboration with Dave Grohl." Whether the project in question is a new Foo Fighters album or perhaps a Grohl solo album has yet to be determined, as Vig denied to clarify in the interview what exactly the project was.

Back in March, the Foos responded to rumours of a Dave Grohl solo project with a humorous video, rumblings that got the best of Vig before he was asked to be in the clip.

"He [Grohl] called me just a couple of hours before and said 'Dude I'm going to make a solo record, come record me,'" Vig said. "Obviously I realized right away when I got there that it was going to be kind of funny and crazy, but that's one of the things I like about working with Dave, there's this great energy but there's a sense of humour and he takes everything very seriously but he doesn't take it too serious. He likes to have fun."

The Foos' most recent record, Sonic Highways, arrived in 2014, while the St. Cecilia EP came out last year.