Dave Clark Sketchbook #2/Dave Clark

Dave Clark loves life like few other individuals on this planet and his passion for musical freedom is also unparalleled. Somehow all of this is conveyed on these two fine records, which reflect Clark’s multifaceted artistic vision. Sketchbook #2 begins with the one-two punch of joyous classic rocker "Stoned Again,” and the socially conscious rap-rock of "Western Visit.” These are followed by the spirited jazz of "Resplendance” and the spoken word experiment "Autonomic.” Clark’s self-titled side contains odes to his family that are pure without being hokey. His beloved daughter Hannah proves to be a budding vocalist on the dreamy "Penny & Mousie’s Antidotal Lullabye.” Unique pop songs like "Tenacity” and "Crowds” are mixed with classical pieces like "HMMBZ” and the Mountainside Band live favourite, "Same Old Bullshit.” Righteous and sweet, soulful and funny, these two honest and true records tell you a lot about Dave Clark, the man. (Zunior)