Datsons See!

Montreal's ambassadors of mod, the Datsons, have finally released the slick, stylish, cool and buzzing follow-up to last year's demo album, and the wait was well worth it. Drawing on obvious inspiration from early Who, and the Jam, the Datsons also show the ability to break out of the windmill, guitar-driven, power pop to very ably throw in a serious early '60s Motown feel on a number of tracks. Unpredictable change-ups, strong melodic progressions and a real hip-shaking swinginess have you strutting, shaking and shimmying like a well-dressed tomcat. Railing against suburban mediocrity, lost love and the familiar themes of youthful anger and passion, the Datsons have the ability to bring home today the very same energy that electrified the Carnaby scene all those many years ago. Owing much more to soul and rhythm and blues than Weller punk futility, the Datsons unashamedly wear the mod badge on their well-cut sleeves and let you decide where to take it. (Stomp)